Sunday, 20 September 2009


It has been a while I wanted to join the others in blogland but I have been doubtful, not knowing what to expect. However, when I discovered more of the wonderful world of blogs - art, craft, decorating blogs and lurking about the blogs of talented artists, I was so inspired by what I was seeing that I just had to be part of the amazing community of people so willing to share ideas, thoughts and their artistic creations.

I have learnt a great deal in rather a short span of time  from artists and designers locally and abroad , so I am only too happy to pass on any knowledge I have acquired.  I have discovered the joy of sharing techniques, ideas and inspiration.

My blog will serve as my journal, photo album and keepsakes of my art  creations. I   named my blog " Palette of colours" because all my life I love colours - pastel, vibrant and rainbow colours. My blog will  focus not only on my artwork  but also collections of mine and other people's as well.

I think blogging is a great place to try out new ideas and when I am experimenting with new techniques, posting about it on the blog will be useful

Hopefully there will be friends coming by to visit and leave some wonderful comments.  By the number of  comments, I will be able to gauge how well a project/creation is being received.  If I do not  get any at all, I generally know its either an uninteresting post or my  artwork is not speaking to anyone, which can also be a valuable feedback.

I hope to get support and encouragement from my visitors.

                           PRIDE OF CAMBODIA
I am drawn to texture, it gives depth and dimension.  I created a textural effect of  hard granite like background with a palette knife using stucco paste, a little black lava, natural sand and mixed with gold acrylic paint. Stucco is heavier and thicker to apply than texture gel, it adds heft and weight to an art piece.  This medium can be stamped into, molded, manipulated and painted in various ways.  The strand of green beads belongs to my mum which she had used for praying but not anymore.


Anonymous said...

hi mum should i link you on my blog? hahaha

Toh Ee said...
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Mui Lan said...

Well done. I am impressed. Look forward to seeing more.

cat lai said...

You are an artist!!!! I am so impressed and proud of you. With this blog to share is a true testament how passionate you are and from what I see, an exhibition shall be next. Coffeee table boo perhaps???? bravo!

wendy said...

Congratultions Toh Ee, your "palette of colours" is simply awesome !!! You are talented and artistic. After sharing many sessions of craft work with you, I noticed that you are patient, observant and inquisitive. Thanks for sharing generously your art pieces and ideas in your blog, it will definitely inspire many, I am one of them.
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Toh Ee said...

Ladies, thanks for visiting. Your support and interest in my blog will certainly inspire the release of more artful creations. Watch out for my special gifts made with love for all of you on 15th Oct 2009!

Toh Ee said...

Yes Krys, your blog is special too. Please create the link.
Congrats for going thru 1st lecture without any hiccups. Love you!