Monday, 19 October 2009


I am always very curious and wish to peek into studios of working artists. I had that opportunity. Most artist said they could work anywhere if they needed to but prefer a dedicated space.

In some studios, there are lots of necessary clutter while in others there are clean space waiting to be filled. The common attribute is that these studios are spaces designed for making art.

Let me share with you my working space as depicted below. I am fortunate to have one in Balinese style. It was formally  my husband's home meeting room but he has kindly vacated it for my use to create art. It is quite functional with several drawers that when pulled out have organized containers for tools and supplies. My main table is made of solid wood and there are oil paintings on the walls which may very soon have to make way for my art pieces. Having good light is equally important but my window is also for me to look outside while I work.

Though I have a dedicated space, I don't like living in chaos. I do keep my table pretty cleaned off and when I have time I go through my stuff and organize them. Some of my friends share similar habits, like the ritual of cleaning our work space and have them ready for the next project.

There are some artist who likes to work in a crowded and messy studio - it is ' organized mess' folks!! Oddly enough they know where everything is, more or less I think.

I love to make my studio an expression of my artwork, surrounded by inspirational art pieces, in awe by the colours and textures, by the paints and brushes and books...etc. the sight  is so inspiring. Not only that, this will welcome the muse on a regular  basis.

I am excited to know that my sanctuary has managed to inspire some recent visitors  to make changes to their work space. One can always organize limited space and make it functional.

What are your  thoughts on artist work space? Love to have your comments.

How about sharing your work area by emailing a picture to me and I will blog it.

What is your dream space?

I have a fantasy studio in  my mind too!!

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wendy said...

I turned my children's study, which is hardly being used now, into my scraproom. Occasionally, I also use the 7-foot table in this study to practise my calligraphy writing.

I need a big work area as I don't have the habbit of keeping the materials away immediately after use. I am always too excited to reach out for the next item I need. So my table is always at a mess when I scrap. But, at the end of the day, before I leave the room, I love to clear the work area and make sure that everything is returned to its original place. The next morning, first thing when I wake up is to head straight to my scraproom to look at my creations made the night before. Does this sound familiar to anyone of you ?

I believe having a good storage system for our craft materials is important. I love to index my drawers, boxes, files and folders for easy retrieval. I have also made a catalogue of general items I have.

Music is my companion when I work, anything from classical to oldies suit me fine. My laptop is always on to check on mails and viewing youtube demos for more ideas and new techniques. I enjoy scrapping at my own pace.

Toh Ee said...

Ha! ha! both of us fall into the category of the ' orderly type'- one who will clean up before the next day.

Music is a must for me too, keeps me going and I believe keeps our creative juice flowing as well.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Shaz said...

My idea of a dream space is to have a decent size table, one where you should not worry too much if paint gets to it. Most importantly, i like to have on my walls, my previous projects, words of inspiration, etc. A room with a beautiful view would be the ultimate dream space for me.. A space where you'd go to spend the 'me' time, a place where you'd run to explore the possibilities of creating not only something beautiful but also meaningful.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who listens to music, surf the net and scrap all at the same time!

p.s. i love your studio, it can almost be a place we do an art retreat at!!!

Toh Ee said...

Many thanks for dropping by to share.
I am very sure your dream space will be realized - work towards it and you will have it!

My studio is a bit crammed now, just added a low cabinet to accommodate all those additional craft stuff purchased recently. Shall dream for a bigger space !!

Chowchow said...

Wow - those are beautiful scrapping spaces and I am totally envious. Unfortunately I am one of those who loves scrapping on the floor which is horrid on my back. I have had some drawers and a scrapbooking wardrobe made but I still find myself back to the floor. After scrapping my whole floor looks as if a tornado has gone through it.

My inspiration is normally best when I wake up in the morning. I normally either have music on or the tv just to end some background noise when I scrap.

Thanks for sharing your scrapping space with us.

Toh Ee said...

Thanks Michelle for sharing your style of scrapping and your space. Sometimes I do it on the floor too, can be quite fun when my son joins in to see what mum is up to!!

To work early morning after a cup of coffee is most ideal, that is when creative sparks crackle up from inside us giving lots of great ideas.

I have even heard of artists up in the dark and bringing ideas into the light of day!