Monday, 29 March 2010


What is it about boxes that appeals to us? Perhaps they remind us of the boxes as children to stash our previous finds.  I can say that boxes are terrific canvases for assemblage and collage.

There is this wooden box I found when unwrapping the Chinese New Year hamper. I wanted to give a new life by altering it using entirely different mediums. I tore out the paper attached to the box, scrape the glue and using the sand paper to abrade the paint.

The hinges that join the lid to the box are removed.  I decided to paint it in a loose brushy style using a mixed colour of gold and green acrylic paint.  This was left to dry overnight.

From my collection of serviettes, I picked a flowery piece, cut out the flowers, peel off the bottom layer and adhere to the surface, the lower lid and the inside of the box using clear glaze medium.
In the hope that I might create something that looked like a used box, the cut out flowers are not flattened out  but intentionally have it textured with crinkles.
When it is dry , the whole box is painted with decoupage varnish for protection.
Have a good look what I have recreated and this is my first altered piece. 

If you are a collector who loves junks and believes in recycling as a lifestyle, you will
transform everyday objects into One-of-a-kind-art!!


cat lai said...

You are out of your creative box! bravo.Would like to invite you Ti-ratana community centre to do a demo. Great recycled craft piece.

Chowchow said...

This is lovely. I have not tried decoupage at all. Looks like its very fun. Will def try it soon and as usual I love your lace detail. That piece of lace def finishes the box very elegantly.

Toh Ee said...

If my Sifu Cat says I have jumped out of my creative box, then its definitely great news for me, yeay!! Sure, any time will lend helping hand to your Centre. Luv.

Yes Michelle its exciting recreating an object and if doing decoupage, one needs to be patient - wait for drying time! Go for it! Regards!