Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I don't recall learning how to sketch objects or portraits like the way I was taught recently by a good friend,Sam, who is a very talented artist, graduated from  an Art School in Fine Arts  in UK.

Sam's  ' How to sketch techniques' is basic but  I thoroughly enjoyed her class. I was reminded that sketching is about being loose and bold and not worrying about making mistakes, letting your real feelings come out. The important thing is  to  keep on looking at the object for its form as well as  the different shades and tone.

I tried using charcoal pencil and graphite for my sketches but my preference is charcoal .  It is a wonderful medium for large, bold and expressive works.  I was constantly advised by Sam that the sketches must show subtle grays and fine lines with charcoal.  The kneadable erasers given,  works like a tool for lifting out highlights and for adjusting the tone of a shaded area.  Gentle erasing and reshading can create subtle layers.  I was astounded to find that my sketches slowly progressed with improvements and by the end of my fifth sketch,  it was considered not bad !
Have a look at my progression of sketches using charcoal. All done in my sketch book.
MY FIRST.......
MY SECOND.......
MY THIRD ..... and this piece was commended by Sam that I did let loose, allow the flow.
It is advisable to fix our charcoal sketches using spray fixative e.g. hairspray
The purpose is to strengthen the drawing and prevent fine dust of charcoal from being lost.
My fifth sketch, I had it coloured, shown under watercolour effect.

My art teacher, Sam, deserves to be praised for her generosity in giving those in need.  The fees collected from our recent art class was donated to T-Ratana Community Centre.  My Sifu Cat who is the Head of the Centre received the cheque on behalf.  THUMBS-UP FOR SAM!!



Chowchow said...

Wow! I love your sketch. I have always wondered on how to sketch. Lucky you that you have such a fine teacher.

Toh Ee said...

Thanks, just wanna share our sketches. Practise makes perfect, I gotta sketch more..... Luv.

Shaz said...

What wonderful works of art! I was completely blown away with the sketches done in the class.. totally outstanding pieces!

I can see progressing from the first to the fourth sketch, your sketches appeared more confident and defined.

I'm glad you liked the class, Sam is heading to take the group a step forward and into more to ART.

Toh Ee said...

Thanks Sharon. Sam has certainly a lot of artistic knowledge to impart to us. Look forward to more classes with her.