Sunday, 4 July 2010


My curiosity and interests in old things has brought me to flea markets like Lille in France and recently to Portobello Market in Nottinghill London. The Portobello  market is the world's largest antique market. This lively market brings people from all over the world and boasts some of the finest bars and restaurants in London as well.

It is certainly the best place to find antiques.  People  like to get rid of their old things and make a few extra money.  We could actually do the same.  Remember, your trash is another person's treasure!

This morning after my walk, I decided to try my luck to search for some good bargains, so to Portobello I went............
 A stream of people moving continously towards the stalls located more towards the inner section of the Portobello Road
Best time to go in the morning because by mid afternoon, it gets very crowded and you'll have to wind your way through the crowds.
A lot of people will mill around browsing the goods. If you have the patience to search, there are some fantastic bargains.
There are about 2000 stalls selling everything from books to bric-a-brac and beautiful vintage laces to the finest Limoges.
These are metal stamps, there are some antique ones but majority newly made.
Portobello is always bustling and well worth a visit.  Very amusing, entertainers drumming and playing funny instruments showing their talents.
Oh yes, I did spot some lovely vintage founds and you know what.... I  succeeded to purchase them with some good price reduction. The stall holders here are experts so don't expect too many bargains but I did!! Can't wait to share with you some of my favourite finds. 
Here they are... have a good look....

I am into collecting vintage perfume bottles.  Happy to find a beautiful handmade porcelaine bottle dated back to Victorian times...
Another  Victorian made perfume bottle with art deco design...
What a lovely antique photo frame made in the 1930s. Imagine having my present pics in this  old old frame, what a contrast, simply breathtaking....
This amazing tray made in England sometime during the early 19th century is my top favourite find of the day.
It is normally put on the dressing table for placing jeweleries .  I was drawn to this piece of antique by the gorgeous vintage laces, very very pretty..... yes?
I simply fell in love with the metal design at both ends of the tray and with the white vintage lace added on, it is indeed another fabulous collectibles
Vintage laces made in the early 1920's.  I bought them with the intention to use them as embellishments for my scrapbooking and altered books...
Vintage buttons, a woody type with a flower made of fabric in the center.  Dated back to the 18th century..
Never knew collecting vintage buttons is a lucrative business.  Apart from that researching the history of the buttons and how these little treasures are made , are all part of vintage buttons collecting.
A collage of vintage wooden printers' block letters from the Old Printing Shop London.  Each block is carved of wood and they are vintage used pieces and they were stock from the period between 1890 to 1990. The letter block has obviously been used, some more than others, as the blocks are varying shades of ink stained and some still have a little ink dust on them. They have an aged patina and some may have a few scratches and hairline cracks in the blocks adding to their vintage charm. I intend to hang it up on my wall as a piece of art.
Letterpress printing with wooden block is nearly a lost handcraft work due to modern technology. A lot of this carved block originates from India.  Some in floral or other designs. We can use these vintage print blocks as a decorative piece of art or to imprint on paper.
Vintage blocks are nailed together to create the word 'Love' as a piece of art deco.  Each of the letter block can still be detached and used for imprint.
These are 3 pieces of antique letter stamps, the center and left made of wood while the right made of  metal.
I bought them to stamp my initial on artworks created.
There are people who collect old keys or fobs. I am sure you have noticed that keys have the name of the company that made them on the head of the key or some may have pictures on it.  I understand that antique collectors are looking for keys made in the 1850s because they are most likely to bring great prices.
The one  above was made in the 1900s  for a small trunk. I am drawn to its shape and  I will use it for my artwork.
This is a key fob for winding a clock watch made in the 1900s.  It is made of brass and  has the name 'WATCHMAKER & JEWELLERS' on one side while the other is printed with ' PIDDUCK  HANLEY'
Intend to use it for my altered book.

Looking for antiques is what I love now, most any time when I am traveling  I seem to find where there is an antique shop. My admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old but of the craftsmanship and design.


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