Sunday, 22 August 2010


This is my 2nd altered artwork . I  created this piece for my dear husband to commemorate our 25th wedding anniversary.  What a better gift to let him know how proud I am of him and how much I care for him.

I decided to transform an old book into a photo frame to hold our personal pictures. Love to share this precious altered art  with you.........Here it is...

Did a lot of cutting into the thick pages. Tedious preparation work..........but creating with love..
White,my intended colour scheme as it is the colour for anything relating to weddings and wedding anniversaries and it also connotes purity, love ...etc...etc....
Since this is our silver anniversary, I had the frame of the photos embellished with silver German scrap toned down by some gesso.
The whole frame is painted with white gesso for the colour and to cover any text to create a blank slate. It also gives extra paper weight and durability.
Small pieces of white dollies are adhered to the frame as well as on the birds to add  textures.
I love the feel of hanging things off the edges of altered books, give viewers something interesting to look at and also something to touch and feel.
Perfect found, this lovely white laces from John Lewis and it goes well with the theme and matches with the rest of the embellishments.
This is the rear view.  Had it covered with pattern paper and attached 2 hooks, ready to hang up for sharing and this will become a memorabilia for us over the years.

I am happy I have taken my recent artworks to a more personal level, journaling my true feelings and documenting my life story.  I believe in using art to express my feelings and passion for something though it takes strength and courage to be self-expressive.  But the end result is always incredibly satisfying,



Susie Jefferson said...

Just two words: OH WOW!

Fabulous! You've finished this to perfection - attention to every single little detail (I wouldn't have expected anything less, lol).

I hope your husband was pleased with it - I should think he was blown away!

The photographs are exactly the perfect touch, perfect size, perfect everything. Congratulations!

Toh Ee said...

Thank God it arrived home without a single scratch. Thx Susie. Yes found the right picture with the right size as well as colour.
Hubby told me to display it which means he wants it to be shared. Ha ha must be a stunning piece! Now I am motivated to alter another one.....