Tuesday, 21 September 2010


There is so much to experiment and play with metal art that  it eventually brought me to create these six lovely art pieces which I quite like them actually.  Had so much fun and enjoyment cutting, rubbing, designing, buffing, spraying, colouring and so forth........phew!!  lots of detailed work but just loved creating..... Hope you like them as much as I do....
Oops !! my baby elephant should not be there but I simply adore it! Wanted jumbo to accompany my new creations, please don't be distracted, LOL.
Each metal tile is folded over a small canvas board and rubbed with paper stump to smooth out the edges.  The main canvas board is dabbed with a first layer of acrylic paint followed by glimmer mists in bright  red and orange.
The harlequin design is gorgeous, love it, love it!!  Sprayed hues of red glimmer mists and embellished with Tim Holtz fragment encasing an image of yours truly.

 Created a 'puffed' look on some of the diamond shaped harlequin and I am amazed at how the metal stretched to my desired effect. Had to fill up the design on the back by glossy ascent  so that it won't flatten.
I called this 'Spoty'.  Used the ball & cup to puff the design. 
Incorporated an aluminum embellishment which has been ink pad with copper and buffed with some copper rub-on.
I have a great passion for flowers, just couldn't resist looking at them anywhere anytime.  Having learned the art of  making  paper and fabric flowers, now it takes me to a level higher, creating metallic flowers!  And you know what,  I am head over heels in love making  these awesome flowers!!
Wait till I get hold of my CuttleBug , I would go cracy 'manufacturing' flowers using Leandra"s Paper Artsy flower stamps with the matching die cut and  Oooooo !  just cannot imagine how sweet and lovely my flowers will be!!
Die cut the metal sheets, rubber stamped on it then folded it and Viola! You get the lovely flower!
This is one of my favourite piece, I named it 'Flutter' with 3 different designs, checked in the center (dabbed with alcohol ink), part harlequin on top and swirly at the bottom ( Glimmer mist  with some hues of red)
What do you think of my fluttering butterflies?  Rubber stamped the image of butterfly on metal sheet, traced  with embossing tool and glimmer mist it. 
Well, well,  a beautiful rubber stamp from Paper Artsy, its the  stunning bird's cage!! Can you see the little tweety birdie on top?  As usual traced around the image after stamping, added more designs at the sides using the decorative wheel.  Dabbed some alcohol ink to bring out the colour of metal.
The cage certainly looked exclusive!!  Do I need to add on another bird?  Hmmm... rather empty, but right here in London I have limited resources, my cute bird rubber stamp is in KL.  More decor to come....
Love this too, a combo of image from rubber stamp and hand drawn pattern using decorative wheel.
Beautiful words, "time of my life",  Yes, make full use of my time to create and enjoy creating for happiness, relaxation, stimulation of  my brain for more ideas and enthusiasm....... etc.... etc.....
Added some alcohol ink to brighten the metal and put touches of red colour to the flowers.

Thanks for viewing, I do welcome feedback for improvement and I am sure I have a lot more to learn.
Well,  look out for more of my creations, this time I wanna try larger metal artworks, WISH ME LUCK!

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