Wednesday, 27 October 2010


With our 3 ladies' decision of having their Nov/Dec birthdays do earlier as unexpected, we the Oct group was kind of rushed to create 3 canvas pieces for the three Dec ladies.  It was so sweet of our Sifu Cat whom we managed to rope her in to give direction as she is a brilliant designer, a lot of techniques to pick up from her, right Mui Lan and Betty??

This time around, the venue was at my art studio which one day earlier I was frantically pressured to unpack my bags and bags full of  newly purchased  stuff  flown in from London and Melbourne and put them into the respective boxes and shelves ready for today's crafting session. Thank God everything was neat and tidy before the gang came this morning.

As the saying goes, ' a hungry man is an angry man', I had to feed the ladies with some yummy steam buns and pretzels specially bought accompanied by a cuppa of coffee/tea before we actually start exploring, creating and playing in between.......have a sneak peek at what we did....
 Look at us, happily dabbing, inking, spraying, rubbing ......chit chatting at the same time and having lots & lots of fun creating and oops...mind you these ladies have the privilege to put on my new branded aprons  purchased from Melbourne and  London....Besides, they had the opportunity to try out the new inks, paints and embellishments which I had recently picked up from the Melbourne and London Craft Fair!!     So my other buddies please don't be 'green-eyed' for  missing all the goodie stuff and fun!
What a fabulous technique Cat demo to us - the copic air brush using her enormous compressor which initially gave me a fright coz my air brush compressor was just a small canister, LOL.  But.... I was very impressed  by her compressor which  emitted a rather  gentle sound and worked the air brush beautifully.  You know what, I immediately stood up and ordered the same machine before it runs out of stock....ha ha  'kia su' me  !!
Emmmm....nice ya!! sitting comfortably outdoor facing my pool and my garden greens!!
Watch clearly... Sifu Cat was real serious, using a ruler to supervise the work done, OMG.... what went wrong
with her...LOL
 There I told you, she was I know why...coz my lunch was not yet ready....
Last nite I had to crack my head to think of a yummy lunch for my buddies, something they have not eaten before.  I was right, they loved my special pan mee from Jln TAR, KL.  They even 'take away' the mee home, that was so wonderful.....not becos we could not finish eating but it was my intention to buy extra for my ladies...pampered lot!!
Had to continue working after choice...but we managed to finish only 2 pieces and our dear Sifu Cat had to bring work home, her ' homework'  as we had some issue concerning the picture for the 3rd canvas.
I am indeed very glad that we had accomplished creating 2 beautiful and gorgeous mixed media art pieces.
Sorry..unable to reveal now as the presentation will be on 3rd Nov during the birthday  celebration.  I will blog the 3 canvas creations after 3rd Nov, so if you wanna view our artsy work, visit my blog then.
Yeay.......I am looking forward to the party...with my new cocktail dress.!!



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