Thursday, 4 November 2010


With two of my friends' birthday celebration in  November, I was expected to create a canvas art each.

Having more time to spare while I was in London in mid October '10  I started to explore the air brushing technique  using copic pens.  The end finish of copic air brushing is brilliant with no messy blots of inks unlike some paint sprays.

With this new technique in hand plus my favourite metal art, I decided to create a canvas mixed media  for one of  the birthday lady, Puan Sri Teng Teng.  Here it is.....................
Wow!  Never expected a stunning piece !
The canvas is first gesso-ed  to create a thin layer of texture with 2 of Tim Holtz Masks, the large swirls and the crown.
When the canvas is dried, I air brushed it with different shades of copic pens to create an earthy tone.
Several different colour hues of Inka Gold paint like copper, green, blue and gold are dabbed on the canvas to give it more colours.  The photo is raised using artist foam board.
The words CHERISH are handmade from copper metal .
Paper flowers, leaves, glitters and crystals are added on as  final embellishments.

This 2nd canvas creation is awesome and  I loved it a lot!  My inspiration for this piece came from my morning walks in the Kensington Gardens  where I was surrounded with rich autumn colours, the autumn leaves........This is made for my dear fren, Puan Sri Wendy Ong ..........
 I started out with a blank canvas then I  air brushed  it with different colours of copic pens.  Paper dollies are used as stencils to create the masks on the sides of canvas.  Copper hues of Inka Gold is dabbed on the corners and sides.
The autumn leaves are  made from metal aluminum of  rich beautiful autumn colours using the tape sandwich technique, put thru cuttle bug with a selection of Tim Holtz texture fades and then gently swiped the top of the embossed design with alcohol ink.  This will lift off the coloured paint from the metal and mingles with the alcohol ink.  The leaves are sorted, arranged and glued at different levels
The leaves turned out to be simply gorgeous!!   I went on to decorate the autumn leaves with various Idea-o-logy treasures from Tim Holtz like birds, flowers, butterflies......etc...etc  to make it more interesting.
Oh I just loved the lovely lace framed round the sides of the photo.
Two aged vintage chains dangled with lovely beads, Tim's key and a few other bits  are affixed at the top and hanged down  to add some final embellishments.



naddy said...

omg TohEe, both are gorgeous!!!! I'm drooling :)

Toh Ee said...

LOL, Thk Q Nad, metal art is fun!

Blossom inch said...

what an awesome art pieces you have created. Love all of them. Thanks for sharing TohEe!

Toh Ee said...

Hi there Yuzz, delighted you like my creations. I always blog my works to record them digitally and I think it would be nice to read them after a few years to see how I have improved. Thx for visiting. Take care.