Friday, 15 January 2010


Hi there, A Very Happy New Year To You!

I understand nothing is worse then visiting a blog where the author has not posted nothing new for more than 2 months.  I am truly sorry for being silent for a while.  Truth to be told, I had a terrible migraine which needed to completely refrain from using computers in particular and to relax more.  During that period of time I really missed making art and blogs.

Now I am back refreshed and with a new energy for my hobby having discovered that I can balance both aspects of my life in harmony.

Back to 15th Oct 2009.......  I grasped the opportunity to organize a joint birthday craft party with Betty and Mui Lan at my residence .  My aim was to encourage our dear friends to explore their creativity.  From the many art techniques I have learned from locally and abroad, I shared with them, hoping to inspire and to help spread the joy of creativity.   CONCLUSION:   I SUCCEEDED!!

I actually owed my friends the blog posts of their art pieces created during the party which I had promised to post in my blog earlier but delayed due  to unforeseen circumstances......thousand apologies!!
All the creations, though only small pieces of art work but deserved to be commended.  I am astounded to discover many new talents whom they themselves could not believe of their creative abilities.  Like I have said before, everyone is creative.  It is deep within all of us.  The only difference is some people 'allow' the flow more readily then others.  Creativity to me is the ability to pull things out from one's self and give it shape and form.

The birthday girls!

So you are most welcome to feast your eyes to the fun we had...... remember to scroll down for more and click older posts...


Naddy said...

Hi :) Just blog hopping...

Toh Ee said...

Thank you Naddy for hopping over for a visit, so sweet of you!
Will meet one day to talk about our love for art making. Cheers!