Tuesday, 12 January 2010


There are several methods of doing image transfers but to make it easy for my friends I did the transfer using tape or what we called packing tapes on ATC (Artist Trading Cards).

Place a strip of clear packing tape - the sticky side on the image, trim around the tape then burnish well with a bone holder. Throw the image into a bowl of water, allow it to soak for a minute, then take it out and start rubbing on the back of the paper to expose the image. This method works with newsprint, photocopy papers or some magazines. Then add finishing touches by mounting to contrasting colours of card.  The ladies were then encouraged to use their creativity to embellish the cards according to their own style.  

I picked up a not so glossy leaflet at Starbucks Convent Garden and had the images cut out and did a tape transfer.  The images were then  mounted on a card sprayed on Tim Holtz Masks. This was done for sharing with my friends at the craft party.


My dear friend Catherine who gave me the encouragement and inspiration to create, is seen giving some tips on how to burnish well with a bone folder. Thanks Cat!

The above are the amazing, imaginative and creative art pieces done by the ladies and mind you many of them are first timers. Congratulations to my dear friends you have finally allowed your creative juice flowing. You have the talent, create more and  you will blossom!                                                                      


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