Wednesday, 24 March 2010


A group of us were invited to scrap and crop at Wendy's newly refurnished craft room. Congrats  Wendy for having a bright , cosy and practical room for making art. Thanks for allowing us to dirty your room and for kindly offering us the usage of your precious embellishments!

Among us, only  a handful are regular scrappers while the rest are still not so into it.  The three of us, Sifu Cat, Wendy and myself  who are 3 artsy - craftsy dabblers are always trying to instill into the minds of our friends that they are as creative.

Dear buddies,  all you need is to bring your curious mind and willing hands and allow that playful impulse to blossom..  We would like to encourage your creativity to flourish.From the several techniques that we have learnt we wish to share and nourish your creativity.  We hope to inspire you to join us more often in our art/scrapping jam sessions. Do not be overwhelmed by the art pieces we shared .  As long as you understood the techniques, you will be able to tweak creative pieces to suit the way your brain works.

Well,  it was a fruitful event yesterday with eight pieces of stunning canvas art created (2 canvases need drying time so not ready as yet) by our quite new scrappers.
Hei, give yourself a pat on the back for your wonderful artwork you proudly brought home. As promised I will feature your works in my blog and here they are.  I will not be spelling out what techniques used as A PICTURE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!
Wendy's storage.  Look how neat it can be!


Lovely participants except yours truly was photographer.
Emmm..smiling faces, beaming with pride!

Wendy Goh's master piece. Love the color combo!

Mui Lan's 3-D piece, love the play of colours! Chantek!

Lynda, a new comer, not realizing her potential to create.
Her precious photo depicts 5 generations, what a treasure!

Pat's life revolves around kiddo's education, so it was apt she created this cutie
graduation canvas.

Yes Maureen enjoy each moment of your life, explore your identity,
discover your answers and put them onto the canvas. So nice!

"Bonded together". A fabulous modern abstract canvas by Teng.
Stewart Gill's fantasy film put to use beautifully!

This is simply gorgeous, both mum and daughter,created by
Sylvia, our "Diva".  She is certainly a convert now with her
sudden interest in our art classes. Good Sylvia, you'll
never regret but will be thankful!

'Smile and the world will smile with you'.  This is Betty's creation. The theme is by the seashore, with textured sand mixed with acrylic paint and glimmer mist sprayed to fix the sky. 3-D seashell embellishments
ties up everything, 'by the sea'.

                                ~  by Albert Einstein


Shaz said...

Wow.. Its always a fun thing to do, a get together to create! Looks like so much fun! All mega pieces of art beautifully done!

cat lai said...

Sifu wendy & sifu toh ee has spread their talent to others & big big congrats to you both in sharing your passion with such enthusiasm. Bravo!!!!

Toh Ee said...

Thanks Sharon and Cat for visiting.
You are right Sharon, nothing can beat the fun of scrapping together in groups, chit chatting and dabbling at the same time.

Cat, WendY and I must thank you for introducing us to this great hobby which we both love sooooo much and really.... into it, hope not to the point of obsession, hehe! Cheers to both of you!!