Friday, 12 March 2010


Your dream is who you are, you should pursue it. Dream gives you a sense of meaning and purpose and drives you on into your chosen future. What you have always been dreaming about, visualize it, define it and then go for it. People say, your dream is the meaning of your life! Agree?

Well.. ..back to art.  This technique to create a cracked surface is interesting as it adds a surprise element and unique quality. Here I used crackle paste of at least 6mm thickness. The thicker the paste the larger the cracks.
The surface of the canvas is painted to emphasize the cracks. Using the palette knife I applied crackle paste in a swirling manner to get crackling all over the surface.  It is left overnight to dry.

The surface is very absorbent and I used a combination of   FW Acrylic Artist ink, in different colours and applied the drop and spray wash techniques.  My aim is to have it in soft pastel to whisper femininity  and also to show the cracks clearly.

An altered image is pinned below a mica.  The mica which gives a transparency image has been dripped with  drops of alcohol ink.  To focus and show more of the cracks, the surface is kept clear and simple. I can imagine painting on cracked surface will be stunning .  Will surely give it a try next.

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