Monday, 24 May 2010


Like most ladies, I love dressing up and I see the importance to dress well, the right clothes for the right occasions.  Dressing up is something I enjoy.  When I select my clothes, I feel good about them.
 I certainly do not brush aside dressing for individuality  because how I dress will reflect  my personality,  age and fashion sense.I would consider my dressing as fashionable but not to the extent of being labeled as a ' fashion freak'  meaning  to wear only what is new, what is in style and what is trendy. What is not in should be out and should be trashed.
Dressing for individuality can boost my self-confidence.

I recalled when I was around age 10, I was so vain, wanted to wear a can- can , that is, a petticoat underneath my skirt but Mom did not buy for me so what I did was I secretly took one that belonged to my sis and had it cut  short to fit my length, haha how naughty I was and so you see since at an early age  I  had the desire to be trendy  and fashionable.

As I grew up, what to wear is always my focus.  During my days working in the office, I am proud to say that I was one of  the well dressed Manager.  Every time I was at  the front giving a training session, whether they were my staff  or field force , I never failed to get compliments and  glances  from head to toe, especially from the ladies - they were  admiring my clothes haha vain again!  My hubby's comment at that time was ' your pay not enough to buy clothes' and could be the truth..LOL

I love mini albums and I created one to share my style of dressing, here it is....
 Formal long evening gowns can be hard to shop so I had it coutured to my specific requirements and measurements by a local designer.  I have it in pink and design is flowy, seldom wear body hugging dresses, don't feel comfy.
This butterfly image is created using Tattered Angels gliimmer mist over stencil  on muslin cloth.
Laces particularly  French laces really thrills me each time I touch them.  It is always a sight to behold!
The brand Pucci attracts me a lot probably due to its vibrant colours and designs.  Never failed to drop by its boutique whenever I am at Sloane Street.
OMG why is the Hermes Birkin so difficult to purchase even if you have the $!!!  Some people think its crazy to pay  a hefty sum just for a bag, but please do not forget that this bag appreciates in  value and its evergreen, can be handed down to your daughters and granddaughters as vintage items.  Lucky me,  I got my orange Birkin from  Bordeaux , France during my wine tour.
Black is always in for the evenings.  Did you know it was Coco Chanel who started the trend of  wearing  black to all other occasions despite knowing that this colour  was reserved mainly for mourning?  Thanks Coco, now black is worn for all  events...
I love colours and orangy to tangerine shade is one of my favourite too.  It enhances my complexion and  evokes the feeling of happiness, joy and lifts up my spirit.
Little black dress is a must for me and for most of us. Whether you're heading off to a class reunion or walking the deck of a cruise ship, the LBD is a no-fail option. Again it was Coco Chanel who introduced the LBD.  It was meant as the fashion ideal, a perfectly simple, yet sexy dress..
'Aodai' is the traditional Vietnamese costume.  I love it - its a very graceful attire and if you have it made  from chiffon with beautiful  shades like turquoise colour, I assure you,  you will look fabulous!
Not to forget that handbags is part of dressing up as well.  Shall we say an accessory.
Another 'die-for' hand carry - the Hermes Kelly, named after Grace Kelly.  Got this from Hermes store at Harods one early morning just when the store was opened.  If I had walked in later, it would not be there waiting for me, LOL.
It is always a good idea to do some research on the dress code of the formal daytime event  you are visiting  so you can adhere to it.  Here I was attending the listing of our Company and I felt I should be in a suit - a short jacket and a matching skirt. Hmmm......I did  look good with lots of confidence, yes?
Diamonds are a girl's best friend but this  bling bling and sparkling accessory  is not suitable to wear them to  walk down the streets.  Pearls are  most ideal and a sensible jewelery  item to bring along for vacations. Its most practical and matches anything even with jeans and T-shirts.
Very flare and not so flare pants are found in my wardrobe.  I yearn to wear them most of the time. Nowadays pants can be worn to formal events, usually daytime and even for evenings.  One can dress down with pants or match with a nice jacket top and this will conjure a presentable and contemporary look for a semi-formal occasion.
Had the privileged to have lunch  with our present Queen, the beautiful and attractive Permaisuri Agung.
It was a casual atmosphere and look how Her Majesty dressed down in a casual outfit yet she appeared elegant.  So dressing casually does not mean one cannot be stunning. By the way, I was in a linen flare pants and a short tweed jacket top.
Remember the novelty song ' Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ' ?  Polka dots are so evergreen, little babies to toddlers to teens and to senior citizens, both gender male and female,  all can go for polka dots.
I wore this for my polka dot theme birthday party, we had lots of  fun!!
Image of dragonfly like the butterfly connotes free choice of clothes but select them wisely!
Being a nature lover, green is my colour, its so fresh and vivid and never monotonous.  The green of the emerald is the colour of life and springtime.  Once again my cocktail dress is designed with  emerald green French lace and a matching silk fabric.
The Cheongsam or Qipao is a dress which has a distinctive Chinese feature. It can be made from different materials of varying lengths and worn on casual or formal occasions.  Its a must for me to have a few pieces of this outfit every Chinese New Year.  It creates an impression of simple and quiet charm, elegance and neatness. Its exotic and can be sexy too!!
My shocking pink Qipao for the last CNY...with white French lace at the top...
My sleek Thai silk Qipao, still new and hanging in my wardrobe..
Midnight blue is close to black.  It  remains the only acceptable alternative to black colour. Due to deepness of colour, a midnight blue evening gown or cocktail dress would really look dramatic and nice and makes one look irresistible... Here my midnight blue cocktail dress seemed to have a slenderizing effect, LOL
An image of a bird flying high created on muslin cloth..
A wonderful evening at a musical charity concert up at Genting Highlands started with the right choice of colour and design of  my dressy outfit....
As long as you are not going beyond ethics, not causing indignity to yourself and if you like how it feels, you like how you look, go ahead - dress yourself up the way you think you should!  This is my dressing philosophy.

Materials used for my album:
Tattered Angels Glimmer mists - colour is latte
Metallic Bronze glace
7 Gypsy Pattern paper, ribbons, French laces, muslin, beads, fabric and paper flowers etc..

                        ~   by Coco Chanel


Naddy said...

Toh Ee, love love this mini album!!!!! Love all the details and yes drooling at the handbags ehehehe

Toh Ee said...

Hei Nad happy you like this mini album. Thought I should give my creations a twist by sharing my fashion sense. Ya ladies always short of handbags! Thx for visiting. Hugs!

Chowchow said...

Toh Ee- I am definitely amazed by your fashion sense. Me - I am a total tomboy and really am not bothered by what I wear. Although I must say like Nad I was drooling over the Hermes. hee hee....

Love how you scrapped the pages and made them your own with such honest journalling. This album has definitely made me understand you more. Thank you for sharing.

Toh Ee said...

This blog is my digital journal and what I have written are from me and my keepsakes. And it would surely be interesting to read all my posts say after 10 years from now hehe.

Dressing is very personal and I belong to the group who loves clothes, handbags, shoes.......

Thanks for visiting Michelle.