Sunday, 16 May 2010


Never throw away your old and faded photos, they can be used for creating  vintage works of art.  I found a few pics of mine and decided to scrap a mini vintage album of my younger days to present now!
Here it is......

Sad and certainly full of regrets for not snapping more pictures during our younger days.  I supposed Dad and Mum were too involved to run our refreshment business that taking pictures was considered trivial matters. This is the only group photo. Very precious keepsake!!
My teenage years.... I was rather trendy and vain. There was the period of miniskirts, hotpants, baby dolls, flare pants, you name it, I have wore them all.
'Happy go lucky' days.  Tried learning  to play guitar  but gave up simply because it hardened my fingers.This was shot  at Kedah Peak, the highest point in Kedah.
Loved to laugh and giggle!  I recalled, there was this Chemistry teacher of mine who told me that I could die of giggling, he must be very annoyed with me then, oops!!
 A group of us, Rotaract members had an outing at  Batu Feringgi  Penang. Looking back at this pic I wondered how it would be like if I knew my hubby today  is the charming gentleman  behind me....LOL
Life in my early twenties was full of excitement.  There was always an event every weekend- community projects, parties, Rotaract meetings and conferences besides the many regular outstation trips. This was my most enjoyable time because  I was  unattached !!
Here, already in relationship.....he was the Rotaract Club President and I was the International Club Director. Working together is always risky!!!
Fast forward, at this stage, already married with two lovely girls. Holiday in Vancouver.  Goodness gracious, I looked big...reason - just delivered my  second daughter!!
Our family travels a lot during those days and even till today.  Traveling is a good  hobby though it can be expensive but nevertheless  a great eye opener!!   Pictures shot in China.
What a wonderful and  memorable trip to Glasgow Scotland to attend Rohani's wedding at Inverlochy Castle. Was invited by Ro's mum,  Toh Puan Aishah Ong who pampered us a lot. Imagine, we were allowed to borrow the bride's hair stylist and masseur at the castle, toured the area around Glasgow  etc.....etc.. That was where I became a friend of Jimmy Choo.
Could not resist to have a shot with the daffodils blooming all around in early spring.
My love for nature woke me up early for a walk in the garden and woods of Inverlochy Castle.
Time has taken me to this point...... looking back... how I have grown older, wiser and more importantly have successfully  nurtured my 4 children, Joanne, Cindy, Krystine and Jing to what they are today with no regrets.  My family has also been my top priority and it will always be!  Picture taken during my last birthday lunch (Oct 2009)
Materials used:

Vintage photo distress ink
7 Gypsy pattern papers
paper and canvas tags
Embellishments- flowers, ribbons, clips etc...

                              ~ by Pablo Picasso


Susie Jefferson said...

Toh Ee - this is absolutely STUNNING! You've done an amazing job, and should feel very pleased and very proud of yourself. And so interesting to see your life story. Who was that handsome man just behind you, lol. Did you know then that you'd be married one day?

What a lovely, lovely album - thank you for sharing.

Toh Ee said...

LOL, oh Susie you're quick to pick up that funny bit about my Prince Charming!! I have always wanted to find a partner but if I knew he is the one, I would have made him pay for my trip expenses to start off with,LOL. Thanks and look forward to carrying on with my altered books.

Nilla said...

Fabulous piece of art!! Hugs Nilla

Toh Ee said...

Makes me wanna create more with your compliments. Thx Nilla. Luv.

Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre said...


Toh Ee said...

Was a teacher many moons ago so story telling was my cup of tea those days. Thanks for compliments, will continue to be more arty!

Naddy said...

lovely album, precious photos :)

Toh Ee said...

Terima kasih Nad, I love old photos and they are really very precious indeed. Cheers!