Monday, 15 November 2010


It was by chance when sourcing to purchase some metal art materials that I was introduced to  Lin Brown, a pleasant, friendly artist who is the owner of  LB Crafts, located in Olney, a pretty lil town in Buckinghamshire.  Lin is very experienced , creative and is the designer for Tim Hotlz.  Many of her art pieces have inspired and encouraged me to go on creating  something different.......Woooo so many on my to do list!!

Being one of the top designer/artist in UK, Lin's classes are difficult to book, very popular indeed but yesterday I was lucky to take over a cancellation place for a class called, " Paper Artsy Meets Metal".  I had a terrific time, met new scrappers and picked up wonderful new techniques.  I adored what I have made and wish to share.....

Here's today's sneaky peek for all you artsy crafters...........what else...metal stuff of course!!

This was my 1st  metal art class with Lin. A mixed media art piece using Paper Artsy stamps, corrugated papers, metal aluminum and .........
A closer peek on this piece - metal  were rubber stamped/put thru BigShot  to get the image/embossed designs.......then followed by detailed touchup.
Corrugated card boards/papers give a lovely rough texture. Here they were given a coat of Kaiser paint rubbed with the beautiful colours of the Inka Gold.  So thrilled with this!
Layering technique gives depth....
The frame of  the butterfly has a design created using a decorative wheel.
Never knew why bird's cage always attracts me!  Here I have it painted and inked with Inka Gold with hues of yellow, gold and purple.  Pretty??
 Lin must be commended for her 'tape sandwich' technique which is so fantastic when working with metal, so cleverly thought of and practical. Thx Lin your are a genius.
This is an interesting piece with a few layers of metal and every piece created from a blank sheet of  colored aluminum.
Just loved this, the image stamped with StazOn and painted.  Woh.... the colour turned out to be awesome!!

A tip from Lin, instead of having to fill up each alphabet of the word 'Dream' from the back with filler, we can opt to deboss it...
Another stunning metal flower made from copper metal.  Thanks to Leandra from PaperArtsy
who was so innovative to come out with stamps and matching dies cool is that!!  I am addicted to
making metallic and grunge board flowers nowadays....wanna join me??
Lin Brown and me......Thanks Lin for sharing and I certainly enjoyed creating at yesterday's workshop.
Look forward to Tim Holtz Master class in Feb 2011, the Organizers are Lin and Leandra and I'll be there!!



Blossom inch said..., lovely art piece, you did a great job, good to learn this technique and I wish I could do one...
Thanks for sharing TohEe!

Toh Ee said...

Thx Yuz, not difficult to create. Have a good day!

naddy said...

beautifully done TohEe, love all the details :)

Toh Ee said...

Thx Nad, must try metal art so interesting, a great media to create!

Chowchow said...

Beautiful piece of metal art Toh Ee. Esp love the flower - Iove the 3d nature of the flower.

Toh Ee said...

Thx Michelle, glad you like the flower and not difficult to make them.

P-Tong said...

Hi , Surely, it i s time when we look into other direcrions and challenges when we comes to crossroad. Pause and contemplates that we get inspires,reacess ,uplifts and says to ourself that "hey , I got to do somethings ,pick where we left off and do it better this time round with a renew "chi". You lucky girl ,The universe opens to you with lots of charms, I need that And isn't that wonderfull when experience fulfilment in our hidden talents, Luckkkki isn't , it is there all the time.
Wishing you charms and luck and plenty of them to come.
P.S. your metal artworks has got influence from Klimt. I love it , Klimt's brother is a metal artist!!

Toh Ee said...

Hi P-Tong, never expected you to drop by my blog, thx for visiting. My metal artwork obviously not influenced by Klimt's bro coz don't even know he existed. Rdgs.