Saturday, 9 April 2011


After a day's flight delay at Heathrow London  which really  fired  me up and upon arrival in KL feeling groggy and  jet lag, I was asked  by my dear friend  a few days later if I could make a birthday card for Doris, I could not say no coz she put to me in such a sweet manner.  Hard to say no, LOL!

Well, I procrastinated and waited till the eleventh hour before I started creating. Being a milestone birthday for Doris, I felt that she deserved not a birthday card but something better.  I decided to give her a canvas board layout to display our sentiments for her.  I went thru past CDs to look for her photos.

This creation will be a beautiful birthday keepsake which will let her remember us..........
 Materials used: pattern papers, metal sheets, foam board, Inka Gold , embellishments......etc...etc...
 With the milestone birthday comes years of  happy memories.
Rubbed each square pieces of silver metal sheet with some 'rose' Inka Gold. To make it more shiny rubbed longer and the effect was simply stunning.
For a classy and elegant look, I opt for silver and  pink. Birthday celebration colours should be bold and bright to create a feeling of excitement.

Some of the bright pink colours on the metal sheet had been given a brass brushed effect and then dabbed & rubbed with silver Inka Gold paint to create silver roses and further embellished with shimmering stickles & pink pearls.
A bouquet of paper roses added on to honour Doris making her splendid day more special!!
 It is believed that little things in life that make one happy should not be ignored, like a birthday celebration.
Happy Birthday dear Doris....
A little gift from yours truly, an occasion that needs to be celebrated in a way that it is remembered.
  An opportunity to get together to show our love, care and support to commemorate such a milestone. So lets make her birthday the best!  
HAPPY SWEET BIRTHDAY DORIS AND  MAY MANY MORE TO COME!!                                                                                                                                                                                          


Chowchow said...

Love the colours that you have chosen for this piece Toh Ee. Looks like you spent a lot of work on it.

Toh Ee said...

Yes Michelle I was happy with the vibrant colours. And I took about 4 hours to complete this piece with breaks for 2 cuppas in between otherwise I would have been snoozing!

Blossom inch said...

what a very nice piece of art and glad that your friend love it...thanks for sharing Toh Ee.

Toh Ee said...

Hi Yuz thx for your support and I was hoping to seeing you at Sharon's place last Saturday. We'll be there for another class this Sat, join us if you've the time. Hugs