Saturday, 30 April 2011


Oh I just luv Configuration boxes!  They're dimensional shadow boxes which are inakable, paintable, collagable and best of all configurable.

I still remembered how disappointed I was when I had to miss the Masterclass by Tim Holtz in UK last Feb 2011 when I actually was lucky enough to get hold of the ticket (demand for tickets was more than supply). was during this special class that Tim was teaching the techniques of making Configuration box.  Not to despair if there's a will there's a learn the techniques. And I did.

Knowing me as soon as i got hold of the box, I could not wait to get my hands on it and to start creating.
I have done it and wish to share.......
Look how fun to store your tiny collectibles/ treasures inside these small boxes.
Prior to placing all the lil things,each box is covered with pattern papers.  For the seams between each inner box it is covered with Tim's tissue tape to bind all boxes together. To make the box stand upright, I have the dimensional elements - the Foundation feet, cool yes?
Can you see my tinnie winnie Japanese doll and the spool that i made recently?
I like the Buddha image behind, I had it made from alluminium (metal art piece) while the 3-D figure is moulded out from dough (dough art)
As always my fascination for shoes even tho how big or tiny they are, LOL!
Lil doll house and a glass covered with utee - 'Home Sweet Home"
Let's gamble and drink.....
Bottles and pearls, they are my all time faves!

You can have a special theme for the configuration box and Iam now thinking of my next box.......all about flowers or birds or............


Chowchow said...

Wow! I am loving every detail of your configuration box Toh Ee. Looks like you have put in a lot of effort and I love all the techniques you have used. Thanks for sharing.

Toh Ee said...

LOL, yes Michelle I took my time to play with the lil stuff,quite fun and I actually went thru my son's box of toys searching for items....
Tqvm you're always so supportive of my projects and for dropping by. Hugs.

Blossom inch said...

my jaws was dropping like 5 minutes I "replaced" them back...LOL.

I am totally shocked and amazed with what you have created and it is absolutely gorgeous. I actually looked at every details and what you put in each pigeon hole. What a beautiful altered configuration box you did Toh Ee. I love it big time!
Totally love it! you searched your son's box of toys, well I might do the same if I were to create one.

Thanks for sharing Toh Ee, I will be visiting you again!


Toh Ee said...

Ha ha ha Yuz I'm def responsible for hurting your jaw!
I had a great time playing with the box and it's a wonderful way to store some of my lil collections which I had created earlier on. You can do it too, come on make one to share....
Thanks for your encouragement!