Friday, 16 April 2010


Art is so fun, you can create on various kinds of supports.  This round, a few of us attended a class  conducted by Sharon Yong  from Scrappingville. The excitement was , we learnt a new technique, that is creating on small pieces of  unstretched canvas using the 'iron-on " embellishments.  Coupled with a few other techniques I created a mini album comprising of 12 pieces of layouts for my bubbly son, Jing.

Love to share with you, so here it is.....

The story is about Jing, an eleven year old boy and his passion for various activities as well as life in school.
Well, well, the drawing seemed to resemble Jing, don't you think so?   His best friend, Tim,drew a portrait of Jing during one of the school art lesson.  I love it, very original and it captured my attention. Thanks Tim.
At Alice Smith International School,  the children are required to dress up in traditional attire for main festivals like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Xmas.  And not forgetting that the whole day they will be doing activities  pertaining to that festive day.  What a great way to promote cross culture in a multiracial country and among international children from many many countries in the world.   I like that!!   Well done Alice Smith and please keep the tradition!!
Jing like the other kids  love school trips, they can be historical, geographical or science trips ....etc..  I always believe that students  should not be confined to only classroom teaching,  field trips and  outdoor exposures are equally essential.
Boys are boys, most of them are into sports and that goes for Jing as well.  Basketball, Football, Lawn tennis, golf, Taekwando are his favourites and he plays table tennis, cricket and others too.  The good thing is, he is exposed to various games and sports in school.
Pictures shows young talented Jing teeing off during the launch of Kurnia-Saujana Amateur Golf Championship in May 2009. He has been playing golf for three years and is still  under the coaching of  Pro Lawrence at Tropicana Golf Club.
The blue design below is the iron -on embellishment. The background for all the layouts are colour washed with watercolours and FW acrylic fluid paint .  Spray mist  plays an important role to blend the colours Once the canvas is dried , embellishing the support takes place.
Wow! Look at Jing's flying kick and his sparring movement! Whenever he prepares for his grading exams,
will very often use me as his partner, quite scarry for me, lol.  Taekwando is a good sport  not only for self defense  but calls for discipline too. Jing is short of one more  grade to attain his black belt. Keep it up Jing!
Whenever he goes traveling, he holds his own camera and shoots whatever interests him.  I recalled we used to buy him the automatic disposable Kodak camera when he was a little boy but now he has been pampered with a Leica by his Dad.  Jing is a keen photography enthusiast.  Picture shows his best friend Tim and him capturing some shots in our garden and I took a pix of them in action.
Jing's Dad is a Connoisseur and avid  collector of Chinese tea.  Like father like son, his Dad teaches him the art of tea making. Sometimes, we get Jing to serve us tea to brush up his tea making skills.  Yes, I now recalled he used to play tea making with his miniature tea set made from porcelaine.
Since we are on the subject of Chinese tea, I hope and look forward to writing a book on Chinese tea and its culture,  look out for it.....but not in the near future!
For this layout, no iron-on technique, instead I did a resist using UTEE ( Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) followed by a colourwash - watercolour medium plus some glimmer spray mist.

A close shot of the lovely red flower. Gorgeous ?  I handmade it out of fabric.  The craze  is on, will be making more flowers now but prior to that need to call up my dressmaker for left over fabrics.  I can hand make paper flowers too and I adore the ones made  from  papers tore out from  vintage books. What a fabulous and easy  flower making technique - love it a lot.
NO SKI NO LIFE - that's what Jing will sing to us towards end of year. He and his siblings are into ski-ing.  Every winter they  go on the slopes.  Certainly a no no for his Dad and Mom, LOL
To create the snowy effect I put some UTEE on the background and did an image of the snow using stencil and glimmer mist.  Like it or how can I enhance it further?
Traveling is one of Jing's passion.  Photos taken in Turkey, he swam in the Mediterranean Sea,brought home pebbles and small rocks from the beach.
Jing and his 3rd sister, Krystine, are very close. He learns and picks up a lot of stuff from her. What thrills me most is, he aspires  to do well in his studies like Krys and his 2 other sisters, Jo and Cindy.  What great role models  for Jing,  Thanks  girls!!
The most recent happening was .... Jing celebrated his 11th birthday with his classmates, close friends and relatives.  He called it ' the best birthday party ever'.  Well....simply because  I arranged for an event most parties never did before ( as far as I know) ...... a Survival Challenge event!!  Glad all children had a marvelous  and enjoyable time. ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JING, YOU ARE A BIG BOY NOW.
This album will be a keepsake for Jing.  Though he may not appreciate the album now being just an eleven year old boy but I believe he will thank Mom  20 or 30 years down the road.


SCRAP-n-CROP said...

i am sure jing will appreciate this album when the time comes! nice to have captured everything in a nut shell...lovely work!

Toh Ee said...

Thanks Val for visiting. Cheers!

Susie Jefferson said...

A fabulous and fun album - I bet Jing is thrilled with it! He'll really treasure this in time to come, it's a wonderful heirloom.

Toh Ee said...

Thanks Susie, I am certain Jing will appreciate it one day.

Naddy said...

precious album Toh Ee...

Toh Ee said...

Yes Nad, all precious. Thx !