Sunday, 11 April 2010


 I was learning to create a tree using textured paste  and the result was so amazing  that it led me on to transform the tree into my family tree.    A family tree is a chart representing family relationship in a tree structure.  There are many themes, you may have a tree that includes all members of  a particular surname or to trace roots of families from ancestors to present generations.
Well... mine is simple, just within my present family..

The technique is easy.  Just put the paste into a plastic bag, snip off the end and pipe the paste into a tree shape.  Once texture is dry apply copper acrylic paint over all areas.  Paint textured area with Rich Gold and Green acrylic paint.  To give it a lighter and antiqued appearance, mix Burnt Amber with Magic Mix, paint over the tree covering the whole background as well.  Wipe off with cloth.

As for the pictures, I place each image into a bottle cap with UTEE (Ultra  Thick Embossing Enamel)  poured over it. Interesting? The final step is to embellish it with dried Prima flowers and  using the same piping method to write the words.

I called it  FAMILY TREE OF LIFE,  adapted from Gustav KLIMT"s fabulous  "TREE OF LIFE".

THE ROOTS OF A FAMILY TREE BEGIN WITH THE LOVE OF TWO HEARTS !                                                                                                                                    


P-Tong said...

yes lovely, Keep them blooming , do not forget to nourish them with love and you can add a variety of shades of green -leaves i did a lot of dried compress bodhi leaves , mayb I can send to you if you like .
Enjoy and b happy.

Toh Ee said...

Hey,well said, if it is tree of life, it ought to be filled with happiness, joy , hope, love, respect,
trust, bonding......etc...that revolves around a family!
Yes, I did think of adding leaves but somehow could not find genuine dried ones, if you have the real bodhi leaves, more than happy if you can spare some. Many thanks. Namaste!