Sunday, 11 April 2010


Intrigued by an old brown map of Florence detailing the hillspot where some artists  display their artworks, I  thought it would make a good background for a collage. I am drawn to mixed media collages and so I decided to explore further this time on a sheet of 12 x 12 inch unstretched canvas.

Next comes the collage elements, where I thumbed through the piles of stash and scraps in my studio, like some old stamps, vintage papers from books, pieces of pattern papers etc.  It is best to use acid free papers where possible but some found papers are not but they add character and charm to my artwork.

I started to assemble the materials by using soft gel medium.  After gluing the various papers, I let it dry.  To give it an antiqued look, I painted the parts with white acrylic paint.  I lift off some of the white paints using tissue, this will give a slightly transparent look.

Here it is........this collage tells a story ... is all around us!

The beauty of collage - anything and everything is up for grabs as collage materials. It is an original and  delightful approach to making art .  Don't forget, it can be an eye catching result!

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