Friday, 9 April 2010


There are all kinds of ways to live a creative life, from arranging flowers, painting walls to scrapbooking etc.etc....
Ever since I started to indulge in this interests, it is unbelievable to acknowledge that my life has changed.  It is without doubt that I began to realise I am creative to a certain extent and I seem to have more and more ideas.  Obviously I have become very observant and have changed my way of appreciating art works.  I look for details like colours, would never fail to touch and to feel its texture and looking for dimension as well.  Funny, nowadays you can say I have become quite a hoarder, every single thing I come across I will ask myself can this be altered to create a new piece of art?

Having the space and freedom to do what I love to do and a life that is filled with inspiration, joy, energy to create and discovery is just too good.  Happy I have found the hobby that truly truly interests me.   Why don't the rest of the people do to get a little but more of that creativity in their lives?

To spread the joy of creativity, I am always more than willing to share what I have learned  with my friends with the hope of inspiring them.  

To echo my belief of    SHARING IS CARING .... I have created a 12 x 12 canvas layout again using watercolours and sketching.   It is amazing how the colours can blend together beautifully with the help of water spray mist.

Here it is, I like cool you?

I applied washes of red hue with a touch of orange over the partial heart I sketched. The top area is washed with pale tones of transparent yellow and the bottom with light green. While the surface is wet I lift out the watercolour of certain regions to create different tones.

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